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Stuff for Solaris again. Some notes I've thought of. [16 Jul 2002|08:23pm]

Solaris Lexicon-

Abel- The First Class citizens of Solaris. The ones in control of the city, even if there are relatively few of them. (See 'news solaris-1st')

Citizen- One who has served or currently serves in the Solarian military. Citizens have the right to vote, to serve in the senate or judiciary branches and are considered heroes among the Solarian population for their service to the city.

Civilian- One who is born in Solaris, but has not served in the military. Civilians have no voice in the government and may not participate in it.

Drive- A specialized drug approved for military use only. It is a behavioral enhancer made to put soldiers into a berserker frenzy state, able to kill and maim and destroy without remorse. It makes one aggressive in the extreme.

Ethos- Very few realize the Ethos are at all connected to Solaris. To the rest of the world, the Ethos are a religious organization who help the poor and downtrodden. (see 'news ethos')

Etones- Warrior priests of the Ethos who are charged with the destruction of Wels and Reapers and any other creatures who prey on mankind.

Gebler- A special forces unit specifically created to be a link between Solaris and the surface world. Gebler soldiers and officers are often sent below on special missions to enforce their will in projects that are important to Solaris. It acts as a liason between the city and the world below it and as an intelligence institution, passing on information.

Jugend- Specialized Academy for the priveledged or the talented. Only Abel are allowed entry unless one tests positive for ether abilities. It trains the officers of the Solarian military as well as those who have special powers that the government wants to exploit. (See 'news Jugend')

Lamb- Technically, anyone who is not of the Abel is a Lamb. However, many people born in Solaris will refer to non-Solarians as Lambs. It can be both a label and a derogatory term, depending on the usage.

Soylent System- In layman's terms, the Soylent System is known to produce food for the masses of Solaris. Not much else is publically known about it.

Surface Dwellers- Anyone not of Solaris. Even 3rd Class slaves often feel superior to people who are born on the surface of the planet and may use this term. It's mostly derogatory, though not always.

Wels and Reapers- Bizarre creatures who seem to surface on the planet without warning. They are twisted and sometimes humanoid in shape, but all of them are dangerous, for they are driven by a need for human blood and will kill over and over again to get it.
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[20 May 2002|07:54pm]

Philia? Deus seems to be down, and I can't get to the box either. c.c

Can you? Is it a router, or the box?
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Hmm... [07 Mar 2002|11:55am]

[ mood | Dazed and confused with sleep ]

*Steals all of Fall's writing for her own because they are too damn good to allow to the general public!* MWAHAHAHAHHAA

*cough* *choke* Uh, sorry, it slipped.


Love you all!!!

..Now hasn't this been just the ever so useful message? 9.9 Don't answer that.

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